Track Packages

You can now track your UPS package(s) with the PBK's tracking tool. Simply enter your order number or your UPS tracking number in the appropriate form below and click the "Track Package".

Please note: we will email you your shipping receipt which will include your order number and also your UPS tracking number(s) as soon as your order is processed (usually between 7 - 10 business days).

Track Package with Order Number or UPS Reference Number.

Order Number or UPS Reference Number:

Shipper Number

Order Number will look like: 1W-1234567, 1S-1234567, 1B-1234567 or 1-1234567. If your Order Number ends with a hyphen then digit (1-1234567-8), use the characters before the second hyphen only.

Track Package with UPS Tracking Number.

Please Enter the UPS Tracking number(s):






If you are not able to track your package with this form, please feel free to contact us at:
with any questions or concerns.